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Which San Jose Property Management Company Is Best?

san jose property management Which San Jose Property Management Company Is Best?Finding a good San Jose property management company is something a lot of property owners want. This is because it can make the job of managing it a lot easier. If you are not sure which company to go with, here are 6 tips to help you find the top one for you:

Quality marketing

This is a big one, the best firms will fill your property using quality advertising sources. Some of the top firms spend $1,000s monthly on advertising vacancies to fill them. They get exclusive contracts with top advertising companies which gives them the highest placement, and therefore makes your property visible to the most people.

Really the best way to find these companies is to just look at their track record of filling their other properties. If they have a good record, you know they have the ability to fill your property as well.


The top companies will have been around for 10-20 years or more.

Full screening

The best firms will always be careful about who they allow to rent the property. This will ensure the rent gets paid on time. This is why the best companies make the applicants verify their income. They will also do a criminal background and credit checks for anyone who is 18 or over to be sure they have not defaulted on payments in the past.

Rent collection

The best companies will provide rent collection services. They will also collect it in a timely manner. The top firms will actually set early expectations so that the money arrives by the due date.

Routine inspections

The top firms will continually inspect the properties to be certain they are being kept up by the tenants. This just ensures that they do nothing to lower the rental value for the next tenants during their stay. They also take care of issues if they find any (i.e. plumbing, furnace, etc). Therefore, you are not going to have to hire a separate company to do this.

Around the clock maintenance

Not only does the firm save you time and money, but the company also provides maintenance if anything comes up. This includes after hour maintenance.


There are lots of firms out there, and choosing the best one is often difficult. Whether you need Campbell property management, Santa Clara property management or Bay Area property management in CA, use these 6 tips and you should well on your way.