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Real Property Management San Jose California

san jose property management company1 Real Property Management San Jose California

Property management San Jose California requires both expertise and experience in providing such services at affordable rates. Real property management is a company that provides both comprehensive and trustworthy services to individual property owners or even real estate firms. Our company deals in a wide range of properties and includes properties such as family homes, condominiums as well as apartments.

Other than just protecting the asset, our organization aims at maximizing the potential of that property by making it both profitable and enjoyable in the long run. Our professionals are qualified in various fields that are well integrated to ensure satisfaction of all clients. The clients may be potential tenants looking for rental houses or home owners. Everyone is attended to in a personal level and satisfaction.

We have various services that are available and they are all aimed at making sure one is comfortable at his or her place of residence. One of the major services is tenant placement. This involves making sure all units are rented by tenants who have been verified by the company. The verification process is thorough and involves checking rental history, employment history as well as criminal and credit history to ensure that the tenants picked are the best to work with.

Another major service is inspection of properties. This is done on a regular basis to ensure that a particular unit is well cared for in terms of cleanliness and general maintenance on both the outside and the inside of a building or apartment. This is done to ensure high standards are maintained at all times.

Real Property management San Jose California has been in operation for many years and has made it our goal to ensure all properties whether commercial or personal is in line with the expected standards as well as rules and regulations that govern such ownership. The rates are both affordable and market competitive.